I was able to record the sound of the wind whistling through the awnings and rafters of the Salina Art Center Warehouse. The melody it created covered approximately a half octave. Julia Lankhorst, flutist - translated the melody. Salina symphony percussionists Dean Kranzler, Bridget Long, Garret Ward, John Karlin, Hannah Antholz and Eric Corby created the rhythm track by drawing on my instruments. Each percussive sound is a pencil mark being made. John Davis on bass.


Indian Rock is a park in Salina, Kansas that is very special to the people living in that community. The wind, paths, birdsong and the tangled dam of dead trees in the river carve out a beautiful oasis inside the city. Central High School students helped write the lyrics in an effort to share a little of the story of this special place. Salina Symphony musicians credited on Warehouse piece performed this composition April 19, 2015.


733_The Spirit Is The Conscious Ear is an Emily Dickinson poem. I have recorded myself writing the poem in cursive, pencil on paper on wooden desk. I have synced up my voice to end the spoken word just before the written dashes in the text.


Duet for Pen and Pencil has been part of the Audible Picture Show and touring internationally since 2005.