Green Lace

I've started to capture vignettes I'm thinking about as visual poems. Poems that capture a glimpse of nature in unexpected places. When the outside comes inside. This pattern of light was filmed streaming through a lace curtain in my home.

Baby Self

I chose to sew all of the clothes I needed in 2017. By the end of the year I had produced almost 50 items for myself and my husband. Creating my own clothes made me question what kind of image I was/am projecting to the world. What is my brand? Living in Marfa, Texas for over 17 years I have seen this small town used as a backdrop for many fashion and film shoots. What does it look like when it is my backdrop? I asked my friend Emma Rogers, a photographer and model, to follow me around town while I did my errands and ran through my usual routines. Baby Self is the first in a series of 5 videos based on the surveillance photos that came out of this project. Special thanks to Angie Dominguez for the drone video and editing. My thoughts on Beauty begin the short stories.