I have been performing the sound of drawing on instruments of my own making since 1994. Sound has become the final product of a creative process that begins with a site-specific investigation. Drawing, video, field recordings all become part of the research. I work through several different mediums before distilling the experience into something that can be performed and shared as a collective experience. The sound of drawing is my first language. It's true. It's direct. It's real.

In July of 2018, Rachel Templeton, Transom Workshop student, conducted an extensive interview with me and produced her first audio piece. The profile aired on Marfa Public Radio the first week of August. Making Sound From Art is also one of three student pieces to be featured on HowSound, a podcast produced by Rob Rosenthal, independent producer and Transom teacher. This 9 minute profile is a wonderful summation of my work from early inspirations to current studio practices and studies.